Welcome to the Green Tea Leaf

Because green tea it's amazing.

Green tea consumption has been increasing in recent years, because of its properties that are very beneficial for health. With the creation of Green Tea Leaf, we want to inform people who drink or want to start drinking green tea about the benefits and properties and its side effects.

Among the benefits of green tea you can find: weight loss to cancer prevention and treatment; all of these health effects are known for the abundant studies conducted by doctors at universities around the world.

We will post information about cases and articles that have been published about the uses of this wonderful tea, covering their health benefits and possible side effects. We want to form a network of information, any suggestions or feedback would be welcome! Please visit our Contact page and send us your comments or information anything you want to share with us.

Many of these topics and articles are from researches about the composition and benefits of green tea that have been published. We’re not doctors or scientists, we don’t perform experiments or scientific research, and we’re just people who have the great habit of drinking this amazing tea; so if you decide to start drinking green tea, you’re welcome to read its benefits and also take your precautions also if you consider it necessary, consult your doctor.