Important! : Green tea and the microwave

So many people like green tea and certainly love to prepare it as tradition teaches. But let’s be honest our fast living life, schedules and work sometimes don’t let us to do it this way. And because of this we have today’s question:  can you brew green tea in the microwave? Yes you can! 

You can prepare it in the microwave and doesn’t lose its properties. This is what causes much worry among people but trust me it works too because I have already done it! Don’t worry about the cup explode or something this is not going to happen because the microwave is specially made to heat up and I repeat it doesn’t lose properties, the final product (your delicious cup of tea) is the same. 

It is preferable not to preheat the water, add the green tea bag to the water at normal temperature and then enters the cup in the microwave and prepare it according to the power of the microwave you’re using and that’s all enjoy your green tea! But remember, it only takes a couple of minutes to heat up water in the teapot too, so if you can use this option is also great. 

Drink your tea is not just something that you do just to do it, is about taking a break and make it part of your life so you can enjoy it in a relaxing way. 

How do you prepare your tea? Please let us know in the comments below and visit us again soon. 

Enjoy your green tea!