Take a break and enjoy your green tea!

Me Time!Is not just about drinking tea, is about take a moment and really enjoy it. I used to be always in a rush at work, at weekends, schedules and more. My digestion after lunch many times was heavy and I felt my stomach bloated all the time and I realized that all of this comes from stress.

Yes, stress can kill us and I think that is so sad that in our current time we don’t make enough time for our personal care. But I decided to change this, and now I take my time to drink my green tea in the afternoons and have a 5 minute “me time” I don’t check my phone, email, etc…just enjoy that precious time having a cup of this delicious tea.

Green tea make me feel more energetic to finish the day work, and my digestion is so much better I always tell people at work that is a really great drink, the taste is very nice too it has so many properties and benefits for our health that I considered it worthy of learning more about it and share the knowledge, also it helps with weight loss and more.

I invite you to know this drink and all its benefits to make it part of your life and daily routine, make time for a break in the middle of the morning or the afternoon according to your personal schedule  have a cup of tea  and please enjoy it!

What do you think about incorporate a cup of tea in your routine? Do you rather coffee or other drink? Please let us know in the comments below.


Green Tea’s fan.