Green tea and lemon? Yes a perfect combination!

Green tea and lemon? Yes a perfect combination!

I’m a super fan of green tea is my favorite tea and I drink three cups per day five days a week, so is normal that sometimes I feel like “I want a different taste”. Many people add to their tea lemon juice this is so classic! I’ve been doing the same for a couple of weeks and is not only delicious but refreshing!

At first I wonder what it will taste like? Is different let me tell you, the flavor changes it turns a little more citric because the properties of the lemon, green tea normally has a more bitter flavor so the lemon balance it, is not a soft flavor is strong and the color is more dark but it will be delicious!

This combination is perfect because both ingredients have wonderful properties and the lemon doesn’t affect the properties of the green tea in case you’re concern about it. Actually the lemon helps increases the properties of the green tea and it helps the body to absorb the antioxidants and polyphenols more easily (according to some investigations) and also it will help you a lot if you need to lose some weight. Green tea can cause an iron absorption problem in the body this is one of the most frequent side effects that it has, but some investigators said that the lemon also helps to prevent it. Let me remind you to visit our Side effects section to be more aware about it.

Hot or cold? It depends of what you want: having a very hot day? Well prepare the tea as usual let it get cold an add ice; enjoy a perfect refreshing drink for summer! . Is a cold winter in your town? Let’s prepare warm delicious green tea lemonade! It’s also a great remedy for a scratchy throat a very common problem during winter.

So there you have it a perfect match! Are you’re going to try it hot or cold? Do you enjoy the flavor? Please let me know in the comments below.


Green Tea’s fan.