Boost your morning energy with green tea!

Boost your morning with green teaLet’s face it sometimes is difficult to start our day…specially Monday mornings, rainy mornings, cold and grey mornings etc. But if you visit our web before you know I’m going to tell you about a great morning boost: green tea.

This cheap and wonderful drink is a really great way to start our day because it brings energy and vitality to our body, also is a very good way to make our morning be more relaxing and peaceful.Be honest: now and then we have rough nights maybe because of sleeping problems, parties, work, a heavy digestion or something like that and our body doesn’t want to leave our warm, comfy bed that’s why I recommend you to drink a cup of green tea first thing in the morning!

You get up from your bed, heat up the water maybe read the newspaper while waiting your tea and when is ready have a little moment planning your day, making your grocery list, petting your dog or making a cup of tea for your significant other (because is always good to introduce people to green tea) or maybe getting ready for your exercises; trust me you will feel different.

The benefits of this awesome tea in the morning are great, among its properties are caffeine too and it can replace coffee because both are really similar also it will clean your system, help your digestion process and if you keep drinking it in the mornings it will help you more if you want to lose some weight because is going to burn all of those “night calories”.

You can have it before or with your breakfast, maybe a french toast or an omelet something healthy because green tea is a wonderful drink but is not magical! you have to take care of your eating and your health in general make it part of your routine in the proper way. Not in the mood for a morning green tea? Do you prefer to drink it in the afternoon? Doesn’t matter the hour that you prefer make it part of your routine and you will notice the difference in a couple of weeks. Relax and have your tea! read more about it here.

What do you think about your morning green tea? Is it working? Let me know in the comments below.


Green Tea’s fan.