Green tea History

Green tea HistoryWhat is green tea?

Probably you have heard already about this extraordinary drink that ?s becoming famous and of predilection in western countries, it comes from Asia and it’s been even more popular in recent years, but what is it? How to start drinking it? Where was it born? If you are curious to learn about its origin, I invite you to continue reading and visiting our site, dedicated to this simple but exquisite drink.



The Green Tea is millenary, discovered more than 4000 years ago in ancient China. Chinese tradition tells that the origin of green tea comes from the emperor Shen Nung, history tells that the emperor was under a tree warming up water and some leave fell down in the recipient containing the water. Shen Nung did not care much about it and drank the water, it was then when he tasted the new flavor that later, when it was part of his routine, the emperor started to notice the benefits of the leaves infusion. He felt renewed with more energy and then promoting the cultivation of this tree throughout his empire.

Being the Chinese the first to discover the tea, you can find in this country the majority of its diversity. During four millenniums, the tea has been used as a medical drink to promote good health of mind and body. In ancient China, the tea was an expensive drink reason why its use was exclusive of the most wealthy people and highest class of the Chinese society. After Mongol Empire ´s fall during the Ming ´s Dynasty, tea consumption was extended to the rest of the population and to its more humble sectors. During the years of 1405-1433, being China the naval power of the world, this product was found as one of the most essential supplies for the sea men, mainly because it is full of vitamin C, which was enough at the time to prevent the illness called scurvy (illness suffered by seamen during long journeys), that killed many sailor men in Europe more than 200 years later.

Since then in Asia, Green Tea has been used as a drink and medical remedy; it ´s been used to stop bleeding, to improve digestion among many more benefits that have been tracked since more than a millennium ago. As reference there is the Kissa Yojoki, known as the Book of Tea, written by Zen Eisai, born in 1191 in which he tells the positive effect in the vital organs of the body, mainly for the heart.

The arrival of green tea

Green tea HistoryIn Europe, it was introduced by the Dutch, who started to import small quantities and it was embraced by the wealthy Dutch women who were excluded by the men in their meeting for coffee of beer drinking, for this reason, Green Tea won popularity among the female population.

In America, it was introduced in 1744 for the first time. The first cultivation attempts in American lands failed, reason why it required many experiments until it brought a successful farming of Green Tea (Camellia Sinesis). It was produced in the fields of Georgia, United States.

The history of the Green Tea is very vast and fascinating for this reason and for discovering what its real benefits are; Green Tea Leaf is dedicated to this marvelous drink. We encourage you to continue visiting this site, to be informed and to continue learning more about the Green Tea in order to implement it in your daily diet as soon as possible.