Side Effects

Despite the great number of good properties and benefits, to consume Green Tea one most know that there are counter-indications and side effects. It's nothing to be afraid of, but such as other products, you should investigate and check with a specialist who can help to evacuate questions about its usage. In Green Tea Leaf, we will remark some point of interest:

  • Iron absorption: when consuming Green Tea, the body finds it hard to intake iron from food, which is a required mineral for our system, according to a study made. For more details check here. There's nothing to worry about; it’sjust a matter of being careful about the consumption times in which the Green Tea is in-taken and when you eat. It is recommended to drink Green Tea one hour before or after of each meal.
  • Hypertension: Just as the doctors who have told to their Hypertensive patients to regulate or to avoid coffee consumption, it is also said with Green Tea consumption as, just as we already know; it comes from Camellia Sinensis, plant that contains caffeine, which stimulates blood pressure in our bodies.
  • Pregnancy: Just as hypertensive people, pregnant women must avoid Green Tea consumption for its high levels of caffeine that can do harm to the baby and its nerve system. Also, some doctors consider that Folic Acid level may be lowered with Green Tea consumption, which is an essential nutrient during the pregnancy period.
  • Other Medications: If you drink or if you are willing to and you are medicated, it’s best to consult a doctor. When drinking Green Tea it might inhibit or interact differently with the drug’s effects.
  • Children: We have not found any study made on children bur for what we've been it is best to avoid caffeine consumption for our kids.
  • Insomnia: as we have already mentioned, the amount of caffeine in green tea, can cause problems for good sleep.

Now, we have information enough on how Green Tea can affect us, so we can say it will extensively affect our organism but if we learn how to consume it and regulate it, it will bring big benefits to our health and change our life.

Our recommendations are not to drink more than 6 cups of Green Tea a day, to drink Green Tea 30 minutes before or after and not to drink Green Tea before going to sleep.